Tofu Chocolate Mousse

This Tofu Chocolate Mousse is a decadent and delicious treat that's unbelievably easy to make. It's light, velvety, and completely vegan, gluten free. Best of all, it's only 5 ingredients!

Super creamy  - doesn't taste like tofu!

Vegan, GF, nut free, egg free

Why you'll love this recipe:

Quick and easy dessert

What you'll need:

Add melted chocolate, vanilla extract, silken tofu, and maple syrup to a blender and blend on high speed until smooth and creamy.


Transfer mousse to a mixing bowl and gently fold in the whipped cream. Don't over mix, otherwise it will deflate the mousse.


Cover and refrigerate for 2-4 hours until set. Serve with more whipped cream, chocolate shavings and fruit.


Tips and tricks:

Melt chocolate in the microwave

Store in an airtight container for 4 days

Try adding some peanut butter for a PB chocolate mousse!

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