Passion Fruit Daiquiri

Sweet, tangy, and refreshing, this Passion Fruit Daiquiri is a tropical take on a classic! With just rum, lime juice, passion fruit juice and sugar, it's quick and easy to make.

So refreshing

Quick and easy

Not your average daiquiri

Why you'll love this recipe:

What you will need: 

Add sugar and lime juice to a cocktail shaker. Stir well to help the sugar dissolve. Let the mixture sit for ~10 minutes, giving it a stir every few minutes, until the sugar is dissolved.


Fill the cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add in the rum and passion fruit juice. Shake for 10 seconds.


Strain into 2 cocktail glasses. Optional: scoop the pulp out of half of a passion fruit into each glass.


Tips and tricks:

Let the sugar dissolve

Make ahead of time

Best served chilled

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