Strawberry Mocktail 

In search of a refreshing summer drink without the alcohol? Give this strawberry mocktail a try! With fresh strawberries and lemon juice for tart, sweet flavor, it's easy to make, non-alcoholic, and the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

 Alcohol free

Super easy to make

Why you'll love this recipe:

Seasonal treat

What you'll need:

Add strawberries to a blender with simple syrup and lemon juice, and blend until smooth.


Strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove the seeds and any pulp, using a spatula or spoon to push the mixture through the sieve.


Divide the mixture between two tall cocktail glasses filled with ice.


Top with tonic water or club soda and stir.


Tips and tricks:

Super customizable 

Make ahead and store

Fine mesh sieve for straining

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